FoLS Meeting 21 November 2018

We are meeting on the 21st of November, 6.30pm – 7.30pm. At the Levenshulme Arcadia Leisure Centre, in the Community Room. It is fully accessible and everyone is welcome!

Below are extracts from the minutes from our last meeting. For more information visit our Facebook group.

Minutes of Meeting 19 September 2018
Held at Arcadia Levenshulme

1 Present: Lorenza Casini, Peter Naughton, John R Brown, Ian Ford.

2 Apologies: Pauline Johnston

3 Minutes of Last Meeting:
a) Plants were donated by Summer of Lev (thanks Jamie)
b) Item 4a should have read hosepipe and watering can (not bucket!)
c) Raj has now replaced Vicky as our point of contact at Northern (see below)

4 Recruitment:
We will run a recruitment drive on the March market (when the market reopens).
Need to prepare publicity design and print membership cards and book
stall. We should try to get a spot on All FM in February or March before the
market opening.

5 Chair’s’s Report:
a) Work on the pocket garden on Platform 1 is postponed for the time being
but definitely not abandoned. Involves moving the gate or the seat –
Carillion were to do the former before their demise
b) Access to the garden will be restricted to committee members – which
may be an opportunity to recruit some committee members
c) Troughs will be on outside of fence
d) Steve Forde has suggested some sources of funding
e) We need costings – Action LC
f) Lorenza has been to Friends of Heaton Chapel meeting
g) Lorenza has also been to the Market meeting and met members of the
Barlow Road Mosque we should try to further this contact Action PN

6 Treasurer’s Report:
We have approximately £1200 in the bank and some petty cash.

7 Refreshing Multi-lingual Language Station Signs
Pauline has asked ISS about taking down and re-erecting signs. We need a painter
– Mark?

8 Storeroom:
Should be in the dry now and is no longer obstructed by the ticket machine.
Please see email below.
We may need a volunteer day to clear up the store. Sign language signs are still
in there.

9 New Station Manager:
We have one – details to follow

10 Awards
We should send stories to ACORP’s Train on Line. LCA could nominate.

11 Access for All:
We are now 10th on TfGM’s priority list for wheelchair access. While this is a
major promotion, it is unlikely to see results in the foreseeable future. Write to
Afzal Khan MP and check he is on mailing list. Action IF12 Ward Co-ordinating Committee and pictures on fences
Not directly our issue but will ask local councillors what is happening in due course

13 LPIG – Levenshulme Pedestrian Improvement Group
Plan to present their report to Ward Co-ordinating Committee Action – circulate
LPIG report to FoLS members Action IF

14 Crewe Line CRP meeting
15 October Christchurch 111 Burnage Lane 4:30 to 6:00 Action JRB to attend

15 SUSTRANS festival on 15 Sept on the loop well attended