FoLS May meeting and AGM

We are meeting tomorrow (Wednesday 17 May 2017), as per the listed dates. Only difference is that tomorrow will also be our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

We are meeting at Levenshulme Arcadia (library and leisure centre), in the Community Room (1st floor) at 6.30pm, finishing at 7.30pm

AGM Agenda
1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of previous AGM
3. Officer’s reports:
a) Chair
b) Secretary – including Annual Report
c) Treasurer
4. Election of Officers for 2017/2018
a) Chair
b) Secretary
c) Treasurer
5. Motions (see below)
6. Any other Business relevant to the AGM

Motions for FoLS AGM 2017:
Motion 1: The Friends of Levenshulme Station annual membership
fee for 2017-2018 will be set at £1.00 per member.
Proposed: Ian Ford, Seconded: John Brown
Notes: the following notes are an explanation only and do not form
part of the motion.
a. This isn’t about money – the few quid will doubtless be useful to
cover small items we currently rely on individual generosity for
but the issue is about sorting out our membership.
b. We currently have a mailing list but no formal membership. The
current officers want as many people to be involved as possible
and want to keep an open list for everyone with any interest and
to continue to welcome anyone interested to our meetings.
However we believe that we do need a formal membership who
can vote to elect officers and on any policy matters.
c. Our constitution requires us to consider a membership fee
every year – which has always been set at £0.00. We thought
the easiest way to list actual members was to have nominal
membership fee – the members are simply those who have

Our normal FoLS Business Meeting will then follow and conclude by 7.30pm
1. Apologies
2. Minutes and Matter Arising of last meeting
3. Reports
4. Future activities
5. Date of next meeting
6. AOB

All welcome!

In advance of the meeting you can read the following documents by clicking on the links:
– FoLS Minutes of AGM 2016 here
– FoLS Minutes of April 2017 general meeting here
– FoLS Annual Report for 2017 here


Thank you!

File 25-04-2017, 22 13 20

For coming out in force for the Community Action Day on the 22nd of April to clean, clear and bring a lot of love to our Street With No Name.

Now that the alcoves have been prepped, look out for new wooden planters and planting and of course another community action day to do this together again. (all photos taken by committee members)